ASUS Monitor Drivers Download. Quickly & Easily!

Usually, when you connect the ASUS monitor to PC, Windows will install their built-in driver for the device automatically. In this case, the monitor is recognized as “Generic PNP monitor” in Device Manager. If you want to install the manufacturer driver, you can download the driver by yourself.There are two ways you can download and install the […]

How to Reinstall (Reset) Windows 10, the easy way!

Different from previous operating system, reinstall Windows 10 can be divided to two different things: refresh Windows 10 and reset Windows 10. Please choose accordingly which you are more inclined to, refresh or reset, based on the descriptions below. A refresh on Windows 10 will help you reinstall Windows 10. However, it will remove the applications […]

Fix error: No AMD Graphics driver is installed

If you get error “No AMD graphics driver is installed” after installing AMD Graphics drivers, don’t worry. You can fix the problem by following the instructions in this article. Go to Device Manager and expand the branch “Display adapters”. You’re likely to see the AMD Graphics device listed with a yellow mark, which indicates the AMD Graphics […]


Wuauserv High CPU Usage

Many Windows users have reported that they have encountered a performance problem on their computer: Their computer runs very slow, and they have found in Task Manager that a svchost.exe process, which is utilized by a service called “wuauserv“, consumes a lot of CPU resources.What is wuauserv and why is it using most of the […]


Dell Audio Driver Download & Update Easily

Audio driver is necessary for sound card to function properly. Its latest version can keep your PC running fast. This post is going to tell you how to update your Dell Audio Driver with 3 trustworthy ways. Follow the easy steps with pictures below and choose the one you prefer. 1. Update Dell Audio Driver via Device Manager 2. Download Dell […]

Technical Tips

Fix 0x80070057 Error in Windows Update

If you’re on Windows and you see the error code 0x80070057 showing up and you have no idea how to deal with it, you’re not alone. Many Windows users are reporting this problem as well. But no worries, it’s possible to fix. The annoying part about this error code is, you can see it in many places. […]