How to Uninstall Drivers in Windows 10, 7, 8,8.1, XP & Vista

The steps to uninstall the drivers may vary depending on different systems. But the steps here are suitable for all Windows systems. If you want to uninstall drivers, you can follow these steps. Tips: Usually, it is recommended to update the drivers if they have problems. But as we all know, updating drivers is not an […]

WiFi Keeps Disconnecting or Dropping on Windows 10

Windows 10

If your WiFi connection is on and off frequently, and the Internet just keeps dropping and then connecting back on again, you’re not alone. Many Windows 10 users are reporting this problem. No worries, it’s possible to fix. Here is the 2-step solution for you to try. Just work your way down and follow the easy-to-do […]

Elan Touchpad Driver Problems in Windows 10


If you’re on Windows 10, and you find that your Elan touchpad suddenly stops working, you’re not alone. Many Windows 10 users are reporting this problem as well. But no worries, it’s possible to fix. Here are 3 fixes for you to try. You may not have to try them all; just work your way down […]

How To Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Charge


If you’re an ardent PS4 gamer, you will know deeply how important the PS4 controller is. Hence, once your PS4 controller stops charging, you must be crazy since the whole gaming experiences would become nothing. PS4 Controller Won’t Charge is one of the most common problems of PS4. When you plug your controller with the charging cable, […]

Driver Irql Not Less Or Equal on Windows 10

If you get BSOD error “DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” in Windows 10, don’t worry. You can fix the error easily by following the steps in this article. What causes DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD? Error “DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” would occur when a driver uses an incorrect memory address. You may also see “ndis. sys” in the screen. “ndis. sys” is a system file of […]

Microsoft Lifecam Driver Download — The Easy Way

This article is going to tell you how to download Microsoft Lifecam Driver. Please take a few minutes on it and choose the easy way for yourself. Way One. Download Microsoft Lifecam Driver Manually For the first way, you can choose to download the Driver manually from Microsoft website. 1) Go to Microsoft Device Software Downloads Center. 2) […]

USB Drives Not Showing up in Windows 10


It always gives you the creeps when you you find that you are unable to open your USB flash drive. You worried sick about losing the important data in the flash drive and with no solutions to help you fix this problem and prevent it from happening again.  In this post, we will be introducing […]

How to Turn Off PS4 Controller on PC

PlayStation 4

You may sometimes want to turn off your PS4 controller. You don’t want to keep it on when it is not in use. You want to save the power of your controller and lengthen its life. And you may need your PS4 console do it automatically for you. Or you are using a PS4 controller […]

How To Fix Aw, Snap! Error on Google Chrome

Google Chrome

You may encounter an error message of “Aw, Snap!” when you are using Google Chrome. This Aw Snap error is usually accompanied by other messages that tell you “Something went wrong“, “Google Chrome ran out of memory“, etc while it is displaying the webpage. This is a common Google Chrome error that can block you […]

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