3 Ways To Fix Failed to Load Hardware Monitor Driver

Download Driver Easy to fix this error!Many Windows users have encountered a “DVDSetup” error. This error message tells them “Failed to load Hardware Monitor Driver“. This usually occurs when they are attempting to install drivers (especially the motherboard driver) using a DVD disc.This is an annoying problem. This error is stopping you from installing the […]

network issue

[Solved] “Local Area Connection” doesn’t have a valid IP configuration

Does this look familiar? “Local Area Connection” doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error may occur when you troubleshoot network on Windows. It’s an error that Windows can’t fix automatically and should be fixed manually instead. Once it occur, you may probably cannot access the Internet. That’s so troublesome. Fortunately, we’ve figure it out. Follow this […]


GfxUI has stopped working on Windows

If you’re on Windows and you’re seeing the error message GfxUI has stopped working almost every time you turn your PC on, you’re not alone. Many Windows users are reporting this problem as well. No worries, it’s very easy to fix. Here are 3 solutions for you to try. You may not have to try them […]

How To Fix Windows won’t Boot after Updating Drivers

After you updated driver, if Windows did not start successfully, the driver might have problems. It may be incompatible with the operating system, has conflicts with other drivers or has bugs. Follow instructions here, then you will enter Windows again. Since the system cannot start successfully, you are required to enter Safe Mode to perform the […]