Amazon Echo: Baldi Edition


When it first arrived from Amazon I didn't know what it was.

What is it? šŸ˜› You'll see.


Is it for me? – lol selfish It's for everyone! It's called Amazon Baldi (ohhhh!) Wazz popping? Yo wazzup dawg? I'm just finishing up.

skrrttt! Oh It's always on Can it hear me right now Uhhh nope! (rip) It can only hear you when we use the wake word ALEXA! Well what does it do????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Alexa what you do m8? Welcome to mah torture house Now it's time for everyones (most hated) subject: MATH!(oh noes) GAY! Alexa play terrible music that is from the game that is called rock music in this video because it's a meme, but honestly I have no idea what people identify it as a meme, because this is a meme, but one part of the meme cant be in the video of the meme it just has to be the whole video of the meme just one tiny part of it.

ALEXA STOP IT GET SOME HELP! Wait! boi stop i wanna give it a go m8 What time is it?You need to collect two notebooks.

You actually dont have to YELL at it, you dumb retard.

Echo is pretty retarted, because no one likes it anymore.

All you have to do is not do anything and do it yourself you lazy piece of sh—oot Counting It updates using the cloud, you dumb stupid kid You just read dat of deh box huh? Yes, because im a stupid kid Too lazy to do subtitles anymore, listen up idiot.

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