Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition (You know, for kids!)


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And with that, this is the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition.

It's an Amazon Echo Dot, but, you know, for kids.

And this Echo Dot for kids costs $79.

Now, those of you paying attention at home will say, "Phil, that's $30 more "than a normal Echo Dot, "and that's if it's not on sale.

" $30 more for an Echo Dot, for a kid? What, what's the deal? This, this is the deal.

(groovy music) All right.

Here's the deal.

Echo Dot for kids is in fact, an Echo Dot like any other.

It's got the exact same hardware as the regular 2nd generation Echo Dot.

But the difference is this.

First, you get this cool little case to go on it, right? It's sort of thisleatherette type of thing, and a normal case, if you wereto buy it for an Echo Dot, and I've got fabric ones, but they also have wood, they start at $10, and they go all the way up to $20.

So, that's thrown in for free.

And the bigger deal is this.

You get a year's subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited thrown in.

Now, if you haven't used the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited before, and by the way, it actually works on any Echo or Amazon Fire HD tablet, or Kindle, or actually, any Android phone.

You can go download itand put it on there.

It's this managed content system for kids, through Amazon, so youcan control things like apps they can download, and books they can read, and music they can listen to, and audiobooks, and games, and all this stuff, all managed through thisAmazon Parent Dashboard.

It makes it super easy, makes it seamless on the kid too, so they don't feel like you are trying to control everything in their life, but it still lets them use all this cool tech, and play music in their rooms, and have their own games, and stuff like that.

Now, normally, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is $2.

99 a month, per kid account, or they have familyaccounts for 6.

99 a month, but again, that's thrown in for free here, so you get at least $36worth of use out of it.

So let's do the math, right.

$50 Echo Dot, $36 inAmazon FreeTime Unlimited, we'll low-ball the case at 10 bucks, so you're actually getting a little bit of a deal for all this stuff, with the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition.

Now, I know you're saying, "Phil, I don't want my kid "having this thing in their room.

" And, perfectly legitimate.

So, Amazon has thought of that, and they've thrown in acouple of things here.

One is that you can set time limits for how long they can use anything through Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, but with this Echo Dot, they also let you turn it off at night, so you can say, hey, between eight p.


and eight a.

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, I don't want my kid back here, talking to Alexa all night long, and listening to music all night long.

So that's neat, and it's adjustable, and it's just kind of a nice way to be able to handle things.

But at the same time, they get fun things, like characters fromDisney and Nickelodeon, and get to interact with all of them, and I'm told that's what kidsare into these days, right? And this Echo Dot Kids Edition will also urge your childto say please and thank you, and you know, the sortof thing they normally do outside of the home, but they totally forget about as soon as they're back home with you.

That brings up a good question.

Do kids need to say please and thank you to robotic digital assistants? I don't know, but it certainly can't hurt.

And that, again, I thinkjust brings me back to the big question of all this, right? Does a kid need an Alexa in their room? I don't know, it kind of depends, I think, first on the age, right? A three year old, no, definitely not.

Closer to 10, as youwanna start teaching them about this stuff, yeah, maybe.

Don't let me tell you, right? It's gonna be up to every parent to decide for themselves.

I think what Amazon is doing here is just giving you tools to help guide them through the whole experience of having all this connected tech.

And I will tell you this, all right? My kids have had Echos in their rooms for a little while now.

It makes listening to music super easy and seamless, and lets them pick out their own stuff, what they wanna hear, and gives me something to yell about.

And the real reason whyI actually gave them any of this to begin with, is it gives them a seamless way for them to be able to call me if I'm not home and they need something.

And for me, that was a big deal, before they get phonesof their own, right? They need to be able to call me.

And now, we have theEcho Dot Kids Edition, and it makes it just as much fun for them, it gives me a fair amountof control over everything, save a tiny bit of money in the process, and everybody's happy.

So that's it for the AmazonEcho Dot Kids Edition.

Again, don't overthink it.

It's an Echo Dot with a case, and Amazon FreeTimethrown in for 80 bucks.

Not awful.

If you got any questions on this, ask me down below in the comments.

I'll do my best to answeryou as quickly as I can.

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That's it.

I'm outta here.

See you next time.