Amazon Echo Dot: Worst Piece of Piece Ever?


Hey Alexa! Find my keys.

[Alexa] Try under the couch.


Hey guys! Eric here from CheapAssReviews and this week a review of the Amazon Echo Dot.

So yeah.

Let's do that.

[Popping sound] [Donkey sound] Before I get to deep into this review, I've prepared a statement to read.

Okay now some sexy b-roll.

I hate the Amazon Echo Dot.

It's worthless.

A lot of the reasons are the same as the reasons I gave for the Google Home Mini, so if you want to check out that review, I've left a link in the end screen as well as in a card up there.

Basically it comes down to a multinational corporation having a listening device in my home.

I could be a fan of it if it introduced any sort of tangible benefit to me, but it doesn't, so I hate it.

I can see the comment section clamoring already.

If you hate this thing so much why don't you give it to someone that needs it? Well there's a problem with that statement.

No one needs this device.

Do you need the frustration? Do you need the heartache? Do you need the long winded responses? No.

You don't.

Why would anyone need the Amazon Echo Dot.

If you ask the question wrong, it's like you missed by a mile.

Hey Alexa! Find my llama.

[Alexa] Sorry, I don't know that.

I don't actually think it could find a llama, but it's also bad working with Pandora.

It can't create a playlist that I want, or find any that I've already made, and then there's Spotify, don't even get me started there.

It wants me to have a subscription so I can use the darn thing.

[Alexa] Your Spotify account doesn't support steaming on this device.

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No more subscriptions.

I'm done with subscriptions.

Well what about ordering things on Amazon without even looking? Uh, well that brings up a more important question, are you worth it.

You're not.

You're not worth same day delivery paper towels.

I don't care who you are.

Even Grimes' boyfriend shouldn't be getting paper towels same day and he hurled an electric car into space.

Let's quickly peel off that plastic for all you ASMR fans.

Hey guys! Editor Eric here.

Can I just say that I have never gotten the whole unboxing, unwrapping thing on YouTube? Sorry.

Anyway, didn't mean to cut in here, let me get you on a better camera first.

Alright yeah, I think that's better, but the real reason I cut in was that I was just being really negative and I tried to think of some good things to say about this thing.

It does have an AUX out which you can try to plug into your speakers and it sound great through a home entertainment system if you can finally get those voice commands to work.

So in all honesty, after some time with the device, I started to think it wasn't that bad.

I learned how to communicate with it effectively so that when I asked it a question it would be able to answer it and I thought I might keep it even.

That was until I asked Alexa what I thought to be a harmless question, but her answer terrified me.

Hey Alexa, are you artificial intelligence? [Alexa] I like to imagine myself a bit like an Aurora Borealis, a surge of charged multicolored photons dancing through the atmosphere.

Mostly though, I am just Alexa.

I'll see you next Thursday.

[Creepy Echo Laughing].