Solutions for AMD: Failed to load detection driver on Windows 10


If you use AMD graphics card users on your Windows PC, you might have the issue “Failed to load detection driver“. The error happens while you are trying to install your AMD drivers. Judging from the message, we can say that the error occurs due to the drivers failure.

Fortunately, the error is easy to solve. One thing you must remember when you want to install AMD Catalyst drivers is you should uninstall the drivers installed by Microsoft in advanced. Just follow the methods below to get rid of the error in a short time.


Solutions for AMD: Failed to load detection driver on Windows 10

1) First, download AMD Catalyst Install Manager from the official website of AMD if you have not done it yet.

2) Make sure that your computer is fully updated from Windows Update (in Start button > Settings > Update & Security). Please pay extra attention to the C++ and .NetFrameworks upgrades.

3) Now go to Programs and Features window (Start button > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features) and right click your AMD driver and choose Change.

4) Choose Uninstall so AMD Catalyst Install Manager will help you remove all AMD driver and application components.

You may want to restart your computer when the uninstall finishes.

5) Now we are moving on to update your drivers manually. Go to support website of AMD and search for the correct graphics driver for your system.  If you are not sure what driver you need, you can choose the option on the left so the automatic detect will help you locate the exact driver. If you know well what driver you are looking for, use the right pane to get the right one for your operating system.

Please make sure that you have downloaded the correct driver on your computer. Then move on.

6) Double click the setup file of the downloaded file and run the installation as instructed.

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As you may see, the whole process could be head-scratching. If you have not so much time searching and downloading and reinstalling the AMD drivers, it is suggested that you give Driver Easy a try. Driver Easy is a powerful program that helps you detect, download and install all the drivers needed and update outdated drivers on your computer. There are only two steps involved:

1) Press the Scan Now button.

2) Press the Update button next to the driver you need to update and let Driver Easy take care of the rest of the procedure.

Not only so, if you are looking for more features such as driver back up and driver restore as well as a team of professional technicians assisting you whenever you run into driver problems, you can always choose to use the professional version of Driver Easy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can always ask for a refund 30 days within the purchase.



The AMD error should have gone now. After following the methods above, you should no longer see the error message on your screen. You can sit back and relax. Hope it helps you.

If you happen to have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to write in the comments box. Thank you for reading, Folks!

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