Best Calendar Apps for Windows 10


Calendar Apps for Windows 10: Neither able to remember friend’s birthday, your marriage anniversary, or wife/husband’s birthday nor your calendar useful enough? If yes then you need to delete your old calendar and require a new one. And hence we are here with best calendar app for windows 10.

All these calendar Apps for Windows will help you to remember all the important dates and events. Do not worry the basic structure of all calendar remains same; the difference is you can customize these calendar for windows as per your choice. Even some of these windows 10 desktop calendar can shift to your mobile phone, too. So don’t wait and take a look at these free calendar app for windows.

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Best Calendar Apps for Windows 10

Table of Contents

    1 Best Calendar Apps for Windows 102 1. Mail And Calendar:3 2. One Calendar:4 3. Event Calendar:5 4. Hindu Calendar Forever:6 5. TimeTableTile:7 6. My Calendar:8 7. Calendar and Holidays:9 8. Calendar Import:10 9. KeepIn Calendar:11 10. Doodle Calendar:

    Here we have collected the top calendar apps for your Windows pc. all these apps are available on windows app store. Though many of the below are not rated correctly yet, they are the best available option for users.

    1. Mail And Calendar:

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    The developer of this app is Microsoft Corporation and recommended to use it on Windows PC’s. From the Microsoft app, it is most downloaded calendar app, but some will surely ask that why we need this app if we have outlook to remember? Then there are some advantages of mal and calendar over the Outlook, and they are as follows:

    It is a separate thing. The app does not need to install as a part of the Office package.
    It is light. Mail and Calendar do not need as much space as Outlook.

    Even this best calendar apps also let you handle your emails and the calendar easily, unlike Outlook which has more comprehensive functionality. The Mail and Calendar app acknowledges most popular email clients, but we can’t cover all emails clients much unlike Outlook. Get this app from the Microsoft store from the link given below:

    Download Calendra App

    2. One Calendar:

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    It is the fact that Users always favor simple and easy to use calendar apps that give them all information handy over the flashy ones. One Calendar is the most downloaded calendar app on the Microsoft store after Microsoft’s Mail and Calendar app. It enables you to sync calendars with famous email clients like iCloud, Google, Outlook, Live, etc. The app is way lighter than its equivalents and works well. To get this app form the Microsoft Store, go the link given below:

    Download One Calendar

    3. Event Calendar:

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    This desktop calendar for Windows 10 is one of those usual datebooks; the Event Calendar app that keeps track of all occasions like festivals, marriages, birthdays, holidays, and many more. Though apparently cliche, this app has an added function that permits you to store the events in the cloud. This app is available only for pc and is itself installed on the Desktop, so whenever an event is due, the user will get the notification. The good thing about this calendar app is that there is no limit to save events and all your stored information is safe and protected which is guarantees by the app’s publisher. If you want to download the Event Calendar app from Microsoft’s website, then go to the link given below:

    Download Event Calendar

    4. Hindu Calendar Forever:

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    This Indian app Hindu calendar is based on the lunar calendar instead of the solar one, and it is the exciting thing about it. With the purpose of marking traditional Indian events, it is useful like western calenders, if you know how to plan your schedule in a little different manner.

    The app involves all important elements of a lunar calendar like Varjyam, Nakshtram, Thithi, Rahu Kalam, Amrutha Gadiya, Durmuhurutham. The lunar calendar can be connected to the solar calendar using Panchangam so that those profoundly dependent on the following so that you do not miss anything. With the process of intercalation, it is linked to the solar calendar. To download this app, go to the link given below:

    Download Hindu Calendar Forever

    5. TimeTableTile:

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    As the name specifies, the timeTableTile app helps track lectures and seminars, though it has a lot more to offer. Typical it is made for students, but it can also use by professionals. One can manage their schedule easily. The regular calendar can list month, week, day’s events but this timeTableTile app helps you to manage routine of activities and events. The application is much of an advancement over the standard paper timetables where the repeated events can alter, thus making it a mix of a timetable and a calendar. You can download this app form the Microsoft’s website from the link given below:

    Download TimeTableTile

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    6. My Calendar:

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    My Calendar is one of the light calendar and sophisticated best calendar app for windows. However, it does not sync with clients and email. My Calendar is an autonomous client where users can check holidays, create events, and mark their schedule. To download this app from the Microsoft store, go to the link given below:

    Download My Calendar

    7. Calendar and Holidays:

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    Calendar and Holidays is one of those cliche calendar apps which has a fresh interface and all essential features of a calendar app. the best thing about it is it is very light regarding size yes 5.72MB only! It covers all most all religious and national holidays. To download it from the app store go to the link given below:

    Download Calendar and Holidays

    8. Calendar Import:

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    The Calendar Import app is a client to open vCalendar and iCalender files, so it isn’t a calendar app. with the files one can get notification of meetings, reminders, events, etc. which is sent by email or any other way. To download this app from the Microsoft store, go to the link given below:

    Download Calendar Import

    9. KeepIn Calendar:

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    KeepIn Calendar is possibly the most interactive option on the Microsoft store. It covers covering most awaited events, multi-cultural holidays and festivals from all over the world. It is also available in the Microsoft app store. To download it, go to the link given below:

    Download KeepIn Calendar

    10. Doodle Calendar:

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    If you like the google doodle, then you must like this Doodle calendar. It is linked to Google doodles and keeps records of all doodles till date. So it is just like those usual calendar apps except with the Google doodles events. It is available for pc only. To download this app from Microsoft store, go to the link given below:

    Download Doodle Calendar


    It is all about Best Calendar apps for Windows 10. Now don’t run your das with normal boring calendar, select the one from the list and never forget the dates which you usually can’t remember. We hope you find the one. What do you think? Share your views with us using the comment section given below. Thank you!

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