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DirectX Download Windows 10 — The Latest Version

Windows 10

If you’re on Windows 10, and you’re searching for how to download the latest version of DirectX, this article is exactly for you. Here in this guide, you will learn what DirextX is and why you need to make it up-to-date, and the most importantly, how to update DirectX on your Windows 10. Part 1: […]

Windows Could Not Complete The Installation


If you are installing your Windows operating system, and you get an error telling you “Windows could not complete the installation“, you are not alone. Many users are reporting it.This is an annoying problem — and quite scary. Your computer is totally unusable if you can’t install the operating system. Perhaps you are anxiously thinking […]

Tutorial to Connect PS4 Controller to PS4

Get your new PS4 controller (or call DualShock 4)?That’s wonderful! It makes you the envy of others now. Now are you wondering how to connect your PS4 controller to the console? Not to worry. It’s exactly easy to connect.Let’s start.Note: If you just want to sync your PS4 controller, go to this guide then: How […]

3 Methods to Fix Google Certificate Error

Many Windows users are reporting that they have encountered a certificate error when they try to reach Google — Their web browser tells them the certificate of this website is not trusted.This is an annoying problem. You cannot enter Google because of this error. And you are probably thinking anxiously how to get rid of […]

How to Enable and Create Restore Points in Windows 10?

System Restore is a very important and useful function in Windows system. It tracks software installations, driver changes and software updates and allows a user to revert to their prior state if something unexpected happens. The record created by System Restore service is called System restore points. Windows automatically creates restore points once a week. In […]

6 Tips to fix Youtube running slow on your computer


Youtube buffering problem can be caused by these problems: overload server, internet/router problems, browser cache, ip address range. If you’re having Youtube running slow problems, don’t panic. You can use methods in this post to fix the problem.Method 1: Change the URLThis is a trick to fix the problem. We have no idea why it […]

Update Acer Graphics Drivers in Windows 10

There are 3 ways to update the Acer graphics drivers in Windows 10. To update the drivers successfully, you can try the ways from the top of the list until you find the one that works. Way 1: Update the Driver Using Windows UpdateWay 2: Download and install the drivers from AcerWay 3: Update the Driver AutomaticallyWay […]

How to Connect Two Monitors to a Laptop

If you are doing a graphics design job, the multiple monitors are of great help. It can extremely improve your productivity, and bring a great experience for you. This article introduces an easy and clear guideline to connect two external monitors to your laptop.  Things to check before the startHow to set up two monitorsWhat […]

Dolby Advanced Audio Driver Not Working in Windows

Sound Card

It might happen to you that after you update your sound driver or make some change with you system, the following notification pops up:  The version numbers could be different on different computers. After this notification, problems such as the speakers on your computer are not working straight or even computer shutting down out of […]

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