Fixed Xbox One Won’t Connect to Xbox Live

It should have been your wonderful rest day for Xbox One games. But now you’re struggling with this problem: your Xbox One won’t connect to Xbox Live. You must be very annoyed since you can’t join with your friends together into your favorite game on Xbox Live.  But don’t worry. Many Xbox One Users encounter […]

PlayStation 4

Fix PS4 Won’t Turn On

Many PlayStation 4 gamers have encountered such an problem that they can’t turn on their video game console. When they press the power button on their PS4, the console simply can’t turn on or it turns off immediately. Sometimes there is a beep coming out or the light on the console flashes. But in many […]


“The display settings could not be saved”

Some game players and tech savvy would usually connect their computer more than one display, like three displays. But some users reported when connect 3 displays, if Windows 10 is used in one, sometimes it could not work. This error is mostly reported: “The display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings. […]

Windows 10

“Class not registered” Error on Windows 10

Class not registered error occurs on your Windows 10 due to the app or program with unregistered DLL files. That causes you cannot access those programs. Therefore, to get your work properly on Windows 10, follow the effective fixes below to solve the problem. ☞ 1. Fix DCOM(Distributed Component Object Model) errors ☞ 2. Re-register ExplorerFrame.dll file ☞ 3. Start Internet Explorer ETW Collector […]

Windows 10

Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop

When you met boot error with Windows 10, you hoped that automatic repair will help fix the problem. But it got you more troubles. The worse thing is that repair process seems never end. Then what to do to end the loop? Read on to find the solutions. Since the Windows keeps restarting, it is […]