Your DNS Server might be unavailable

“Your DNS server might be unavailable” is the common frustrating error of your DNS server. But not to worry.  Luckily, you can fix it by yourself!Once you come across with such error, please follow the easy methods below. Method 1: Flush your DNS 1) On your keyboard,  press the Windows logo key  + R key at the same time to invoke the Run […]

Windows 10

Windows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding

In Windows 10, when you show the full screen, you may want to hide the taskbar. You can set the taskbar automatically hide. But the frustrating thing is the taskbar won’t be hiding even if the auto-hide is enabled. If you meet Windows 10 taskbar not hiding problem, follow instructions to fix it.First, verify the […]


Windows Could Not Search For New Updates

Many Windows users have reported that they have seen an error message “Windows could not search for new updates“. This error usually occurs when they try to update their operating system with Windows Update.This is an annoying problem. The error stops you from installing new updates and put your computer at risk. And you are […]

high CPU

[Fix]What is MSE and why Microsoft Security Essentials (msseces.exe) High Disk Usage

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), an antivirus software, protects your Windows 7 against computer viruses, spyware, rootkits, etc. However for some reasons, sometimes it also causes some problem on your Win7. As many users reported, Microsoft Security Essentials causes high disk usage. If it also occurs on your Win7, please stay calm. In this post, we will tell you the effective way […]

How To Fix Computer Randomly Restarts

An annoying problem: Your Windows computer restarts, and after a while, it restarts automatically again. You must be very crazy. Your vomputer randomly restarts. It’s wired.  But not to worry. Luckily, we’ve found the answer for you.How do I fix it?Here’re 4 fixes you can try to fix this problem. You may not have to […]


Fixed Xbox One Won’t Connect to Xbox Live

It should have been your wonderful rest day for Xbox One games. But now you’re struggling with this problem: your Xbox One won’t connect to Xbox Live. You must be very annoyed since you can’t join with your friends together into your favorite game on Xbox Live.  But don’t worry. Many Xbox One Users encounter […]