Driver Error

Fix Dell Touchpad Driver Problem for Windows 7

If the touchpad of your Dell laptop does not work correctly due to faulty drivers, updating drivers can fix the problem.  Driver status can be checked in Device Manager. There are 3 ways you can use to update the driver in Windows 7. Note it is very important to download and install the right driver, as faulty […]

A Service Installation Section in this INF is Invalid

Fix a Service Installation Section in this INF is Invalid problem. Follow the steps in this article. After you connect your Andriod device to your computer, you find you can’t use the device and don’t see it on your computer. Then you go to Device Manager to check for the driver status. In Device Manager, […]

Fix PCI Serial Port Driver Problems on Windows


If you’re on Windows, and your PCI Serial Port driver stops working, probably there’s a yellow mark with it in Device Manager like the image shown above, you’re not alone. Many Windows users are reporting it. But the good news is you can fix it.Whether your PCI Serial Port driver is listed in the Other […]

Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver Not Working After Windows 10 Upgrade


Users have reported that their Realtek PCIe Family Controller (Ethernet) randomly stops working after they upgraded to Windows 10. There is still no answers from Microsoft or Realtek as to why would this happen, and this situation happens so randomly on different occasions, so there are a lot of solutions that could be of help.  […]

Fixed NVIDIA Control Panel Not Working on Windows 10


You want to open your NVIDIA control panel as usual, but this time it’s not successful. It just doesn’t function. You can’t open it now. You must be annoyed and frustrated.But don’t be worried. We’ve found the answer to this nagging problem. How do I fix NVIDIA control panel not working or not opening? Here’re […]

Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found on Windows 7

If you’re on Windows 7 and you see the error message saying No driver found after you pair up your Bluetooth devices, you’re not alone. Many Windows users are reporting this problem as well. But no worries, it’s possible to fix. Here are 3 fixes for you to try. You may not have to try them […]

How To Fix Windows won’t Boot after Updating Drivers

After you updated driver, if Windows did not start successfully, the driver might have problems. It may be incompatible with the operating system, has conflicts with other drivers or has bugs. Follow instructions here, then you will enter Windows again. Since the system cannot start successfully, you are required to enter Safe Mode to perform the […]

How To Fix Network Adapter Driver Problem for Windows 10

If the network adapter driver is missing, outdated or compatible, it can cause connection problems. After you upgraded to Windows 10, if your internet doesn’t work properly, it’s possible that the current driver was designed for a previous version of Windows. Update the network adapter driver to fix the problem. You can check if there […]

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