Windows 7 Microphone Not Working Problems

Users have reported that they are having problems using their microphone on Windows 7 all of a sudden, which makes it impossible to communicate with others online if they want to use programs such as Skype.  There is always a silver lining to this problem: multiple solutions which have been proven to work are here to help you […]

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How To Fix No Sound on Windows 10

One of the most common problems with Windows 10 is no sound. Particularly immediately after upgrading from a previous version of Windows. So if you’re experiencing this problem, rest assured, you’re not alone. More importantly, it’s usually a pretty easy problem to resolve.Here are three simple fixes you can try. You don’t necessarily have to […]

Sound Keeps Cutting Out on Windows 10

Many Windows 10 users have reported saying that their sound cut in and out so rapidly that they can’t even finish watching a video on YouTube. If you’re also bothering by this annoying problem, calm down please. We’ve found some effective ways that are going to fix the problem for you. Read on and follow the easy-doing […]

IDT HD Audio CODEC driver in Windows 10

If you’re on Windows 10 and your sound suddenly stops working, or that you can’t hear anything coming out from your headphones, and you’re seeing the error message IDT High Definition Audio CODEC-Error 0x8007001f, you’re not alone. Many Windows 10 users are reporting this problem as well.But no worries, it’s possible or even easy to […]

Windows 7 No Sound

If you’re reading this article, you must be struggling the no sound problem in Windows 7. But rest assured, you’re not alone. No sound is one of the very common problems in Windows 7. Many Windows 7 users are having this problem just like you.But the good news is you CAN easily fix it by yourself. This […]

Headphones Not Working in Windows 10

After you upgraded to Windows 10 or perform a Windows Update, if you can’t sound from your headphone, don’t worry. You can get the sound back with one of the solutions below. There are four solutions you can fix the problem. You may have not to try them all. Just work your way down until you […]

Fix “no speakers or headphones are plugged in” problem in Windows 10/8/7

In this article we will address the common problem “no speakers or headphones are plugged in” in Windows 10/8/7, which many users have reported recently.Method 1:  Uninstall the audio drivera, Go to Device Manager by pressing Win+R together to open the “Run” dialog, enter devmgmt.msc.b, Look for your audio device from the list,c, Right click on the audio card, select Properties and then […]