Tutorial to Disable Chrome PDF Viewer Versions 57 & 60


Google Chrome has a built-in PDF viewer feature that allows the users to open PDF files right from the browser. It is quite useful because you don’t need to open the PDF using other application. But, the feature only has basic settings and it blocks you from using other PDF viewer software like Adobe. If you don’t like the PDF viewer from Chrome, you can’t disable it. So, when you want to open the PDF files, your system will open it using the PDF viewer software, not the browser.

It is quite easy to disable the Chrome PDF viewer, especially if you are using Chrome version 57 or lower. You can just open the plugin page by typing about:plugins in the address bar and press Enter.



Next, disable the PDF viewer settings from the open page.


But, if you are using Chrome version 57 or above, you can check on the tutorial to disable Chrome PDF viewer on the section below:


Tutorial to Disable Chrome PDF Viewer

If you found that you cannot open plugins page in your Chrome, that’s very likely you use Chrome that is of Version 57 onwards . And, from Version 57 onwards, the plugins page has been removed in Chrome.

Method 1: Disable Chrome PDF Viewer Version 57 onwards.

Follow the easy steps with images here:

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1) Click the more options button and choose Settings on your Chrome.


2) Click Show advanced settings…


3) Go on to click Content settings… under Privacy dialog.


4) Then scroll down on pop-up Content settings window, find PDF Documents. Uncheck the box of Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application and click Done to save the settings.


Method 2: Disable Chrome PDF Viewer Version 60 onwards:

Since Google update the newest version of Chrome, actually there’s no such choice for you to disable or enable Chrome PDF viewer. It’s set to enabled by default. The option for you changes into whether you want to download instead of opening automatically.

If you want to view your PDF files in other application like Adobe Reader instead of in Chrome, then you can set your application to be the default one.

See how to set a default app in your Windows:

1) Find and right-click on a PDF file in your File Explorer. Click Open with > Choose another app.

2) Then highlight the app your want to view your PDF files by default. Tick on Always use this app to open .pdf files. Then click OK to save your settings.


That’s all! Now, you can open the PDF using different software like Adobe. We hope the methods help you. For queries or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for reading, Folks!


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