HOT NEWS !!! Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition With Parental Controls Launched


Amazon on Wednesday announced the launchof its latest echo dot kids edition and LexA base smart speaker that has beencreated with kids in mind echo dot kids edition which comes with a kid-friendlycase is capable of playing age-appropriate music answeringquestions telling stories and managing other minor focused features priced at$79.

99 in the US and available starting May 9th this edition of the echo dotcomes with one year free free time unlimited subscription amazon.


Com isoffering a $30 discount on purchase of two units focused towards the under-18demographic this variant of the echo dot comes with extensive parental controlsthat allow parents to monitor time limits set bedtimes review activity etcadditionally it has been designed to listen to voice commands formulatedspecifically for kids Amazon gives examples like Alexa please play dancemusic Alexa open SpongeBob's challenge and Alexa how long is a day on Mars thebundled free time unlimited subscription offers access to several kid focusedskills as well as access to add free radio stations such as Radio Disney Nickradio and kids hits the subscription also gives access to over 300 audibleaudiobooks an Amazon parent dashboard is available on the Alexa app for echo dotkids Edition to help filter explicit content from Amazon music check historyof last used skills review time and usage and turn off voice shopping toprevent accidental purchases connectivity on the echo dot is madepossible via a2dp bluetooth support and dual band Wi-Fi 802.

11 a/b/g/nadditionally there is an inbuilt speaker for voice feedback into three point fivemillimeters jack for use with external speakers dimensions of the echo dot kidsEdition are 90 X 90 X 38 mm and weight is 191 grams you.

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