Method to Download Epson Scanner Drivers for Windows 10


As Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015, Epson started to make its products support the operating system. So, if you decide to upgrade your computer to Windows 10, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of your Epson scanner. Updating the drivers is the only thing you should do in order your lovely scanner to be compatible on Windows 10.

In the official website, Epson has provided the drivers update that you can download for free. The thing you need to remember is that to download the right drivers. It is because Epson products have different models that are sold in different regions. So, you should make sure that you download the drivers based on the right region. Check on the tutorial below on how to download Epson scanner driver on Windows 10.

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How to Download Epson Scanner Drivers for Windows 10

1. Go to Epson official website.
2. Select your region to open the home page of your local website. Here select USA as an example.

 3. Drivers can be downloaded from SUPPORT page of  all Epson websites. Select Scanner from the SUPPORT menu.

4. Then you can follow the on-screen and step-by-step instructions to download the drivers for your Epson scanner. To download right drivers, you are required to use your scanner model name and the specific operating system (Windows 10 32-bit or Windows 10 64-bit ).

Note: For older scanner products, Epson may not provide Windows 10 drivers. In this case, you can use a compatible driver for a previous operating system instead (e.g. Windows 7 in place of Windows 10). Drivers for Windows 7 and Windows 8 may be compatible with Windows 10.

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Manually downloading drivers can be risky and time consuming, especially if you are novice in this area. Official drivers are needed as incorrect drivers may cause series of problems. You may not find the correct drivers after spending hours on it. Instead of manually downloading and updating drivers, you can use a driver update tool to help you.

Driver Easy is one of driver update tools online. After you install Driver Easy, use it to scan your computer to detect all problem drivers. If the Epson scanner driver is missing or outdated,  Driver Easy will detect it and find a new driver for you. Driver Easy provides official Epson driver. With Driver Easy, you can update drivers for your Epson scanner in several minutes.

Driver Easy has Free version and Paid version. You can use the Free version to download new drivers, but you are required to use the downloaded driver files to install the drivers manually step by step. And the download speed is limited. To save more time, you can use the Paid version. With Paid version, all drivers will be updated automatically. Moreover, you can enjoy free technical support guarantee. If you use the Paid version and meet any technical problem, you can contact us for further assistance. Paid version offers 30-day money back guarantee. You can ask for a full refund if you want within the guarantee period.


Now, you have updated your Epson scanner drivers. The device should work properly on your computer now. Remember to keep the drivers up-to-date to avoid unwanted issue in the future related to the compatibility. You can rely on the methods above to do it.

If you have doubts or suggestions, use the comments box. Thank you for reading.


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