How To Fix a Corrupted Recycle Bin In Windows 10


In this video we will learn how we can fixa corrupted recycle bin in your Windows 10 PC and this week will work in the Windows7 also and Windows 10 also so What U required as a senior currently I'm running on Windows10 PC so for Windows 10 just right click on the start menu and then after just selectthe command prompt as a admin and for other like Windows 8 or Windows 7 just search forCMD and right click on it and such as a run as administrator in now in the command fromyou just need to be kinta one command and it's a very training command its a r d / is/ q and then after recycle bin and if your Windows installation in the D drive so justchange this to be and after that just hit enter in if its U D drive if your Windowsinstall in the D drive then after select the D drive in then after hit enter so only onethis is small command will fix you Recycle Bin HD this one is just repair your all thatmeans it's just going to remove your shirt recycle bin folder and it will sit going tocreate the new one so hope you like my videos please visit my website for more details likethis and please do comment and like my Channel also.

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