There are two ways to fix this error on GBA4iOS download app. Both ways are easy to follow. We suggest you to follow the first step in advance before conducting the second solution.

Note: One of the steps may cause data lost. We suggest you to backup your games saving data via iTunes or sync it with Dropbox.

Method 1: Change Date

If the message appears when you try to launch the app, you can go to Settings and set the date to year before 2012. After that, restart your iPhone and open GBA4iOS iOS 11 app once again. It should work properly by now. If the error still shows up, then try the second step below.

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Method 2: Trust the App

If you still cannot open GBA4iOS download app and the message still appears after you change the date, you must reinstall the GBA4iOS app. You can visit Download GBA4iOS App to download and install GBA4iOS once again on your iPhone or iPad. After that, go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management then trust the app.

There is one thing that you should remember before reinstalling GBA4iOS app: it erases the saved games data. Thus, we recommend you to sync your GBA4iOS download app with Dropbox to back up your data.

Method 3: Install GBA4iOS Alternative

When you have tried the two methods above and it’s not succeed, then you might think to try GBA4iOS alternative apps. There are some GBA emulator apps that are as great as the GBA4iOS. Visit the 5 Best GBA Emulator Apps page for the details.



After following the methods above, we hope the error GBA4iOS won’t verify is gone permanently. You can enjoy playing the GBA games on your iPhone or iPad without worrying about the error again in the future.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to respond. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day, Folks!