How To Fix Laptop BEEPING on startup Problem – Which Stuck at Booting Black Screen :)


Hi friends !! This is Aamir Hussain and you are watching Trick i Know YouTube channel In this video I am going to fix a laptop problem I have a Lenovo laptop that is BEEPING !! Yes guys this laptop is beeping and not starting at all I have to fix this problem So keep watching my video to fix it out So here we have a Lenovo laptop that is making continuous beeping sound at startup and also stuck at booting screen I would like to inform you that this problem is occurred because some hardware is shorting inside your laptop And 8 out of 10 laptops where found with shorting keyboard to fix this laptop I have to remove keyboard from it so keep watching my video I am going to check this is a keyboard problem or it's not to open a laptop's keyboard you will need a four head screwdriver and opening pry tool Now first remove the battery out of this laptop and here you can see there is a symbol of keyboard Ram Hard Drive DVD drive that indicates that the screws for the specific hardware is inside this access door now open your access door using your four head screwdriver and unplug it using pry tool here is our keyboard screw indicating inside this hole just open it there are two more keyboard screw on this laptop Here is the second one and !! Here is the third one hiding there just open all 3 screws now come to front by using Pry Tool try to unplug your keyboard like this slide all the clips which is blocking the keyboard here this is out but it's still connectedwith motherboard use your pry tool and slide this clip like this and remove the keyboard cable Now I am going to check the current status of this laptop is the battery ins Pressing the power button Now here you can see my laptop is booting normally without the keyboard there is not any beeping sound and even its not stuck in booting screen everything is alright now it's time to shut down I am going to reconnect my keyboard To just confirm that keyboard is responsible for this problem I was right this is a keyboard problem time to order a new keyboard I have already ordered a new keyboard from Amazon you can also find a keyboard for your laptop from the link given in the description Open that link and just enter your laptop's model number here I have Lenovo G475 (Laptop) where it is where it is !! Here is my keyboard and this is not showing G475 I have to check it in the description here it isthis keyboard is also compatible with G475 laptop Make your order from here Now the old keyboard is useless that is not repairable just install your new keyboard Plug the keyboard cable to your motherboard like this Then push the keyboard from the top to lock it withthe clips Now my laptop is working fine with the new keyboard Now the moral of this video is if your laptop start beeping at startup that means it is not any hard disc problem or any operating system problem you have to check your keyboard first So that was the fix guys if you think this video is helpful to you please give this video a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for more Tech videos like this and if you have anyquestions let me know in the comments section so thanks for watching have a nice day see you in my next video.

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