Solution Fix OBS Black Screen on Windows 10


This time we will discuss about OBS black screen error on PC Windows 10. This error might not be dreadful, but it is annoying to have the error. Hence, the methods from us will get rid of the error permanently.

There are a lot of reason why you have faced black screen error on your Windows computer. It could be the software or hardware malfunction. Just read the instructions below to fix the OBS black error on Windows 10.

Fix OBS Black Screen on Windows 10

  1. First you need to do delete the profile which one you created Now create new profile from the following dialog box and pull up a menu a select ‘Add’.
  2. If you like, name the file.
  3. In the ‘game capture’ box pull out the drop down menu at the top and select the game you want to capture.
  4. For example: Now I’m playing “Outlast 2”, so I’m going to select it from the mode menu.
  5. Once done select hit ok.
  6. Now here is still black and my game still running in background.
  7. Close the OBS STUDIO.
  8. Go to the OBS STUDIO application where from you run this program and right click on it and go to properties.
  9. Here you can see so many tab you must click on “Compatibility” tab.
  10. Check the mark “Run this program as an administrator” just like me.
  11. Then Apply and Ok to come out.
  12. Open your OBS STUDIO.
  13. Click on your running game and wait few seconds and ALT+TAB to come out from the game.
  14. And here you can see your game capture screen.
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We have provided the video just in case you got confused of the instructions above. Watch the video below for the details.




That’s it! The OBS black screen on your Windows 10 computer has resolved now. You can sit back and relax. If you see the problem again in the future, you can do the method above to fix the error.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day, Folks!

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