How To Fix Plugged in, Not Charging problem on Windows 10


Is it happens that when you are working on your laptop or watching a movie and all of sudden you note that your laptop is not charging even it plugged in? What if you didn’t notice? It may be possible that if switched off and all your work will miss when you start again. Isn’t it feel scary? After hours of hard work how it feels if you have to do the same due to laptop plugged in, not charging problem on windows 10 laptop. Do not worry there are also some solutions available to solve this error and we are describing the same in this article.

Before we move to the solution, first you have to check a laptop charger as it is a most important accessory that requires working your laptop. First, check it working in proper condition or not. If yes then move to the main topic and if the charger looks like faulty then purchase a new charger with the same brand and model.

Now let’s take a look at How To Fix plugged in not charging HP laptop problem or How To Fix battery plugged in not charging windows 10.


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How To Solve Plugged in, Not Charging Problem On Windows 10

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    1 How To Solve Plugged in, Not Charging Problem On Windows 102 A solution for Laptop battery won’t charge in Windows 103 Solution 1: Check Battery4 Solution 2: Check USB-C Port Is Working Or Not5 Solution 3: Check The Ends Of Any Broken Connections6 Solution 4: Update All Drivers7 Solution 5: Change The Battery And The Cord

    Laptop batteries entirely depend on make and model of laptop and arrive in different kinds. Moreover, the laptop batteries might get conventional to the AC adapter and may not function as efficiently as they did when you buy it from the shop. And hence it is reasonable to remove the battery from your laptop if you need to make sure that it continues for considerably a while directly via the AC mains.

    There is not any method or gadget available that show you how long a battery will last. Even two same model of laptop battery may be work different depend on the use, setting and application installed. So many users are facing the problem battery plugged in not charging and plugged in not charging Lenovo laptop after updating windows 10 OS.

    A used battery might also be a workable option, but be sure that it has not deteriorated beyond three decades. If you find that how we say a battery is best or not then note that the best batteries charged quickly. Even USB battery also has LED lights that show a charging status with a little microcontroller.

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    A solution for Laptop battery won’t charge in Windows 10

    Solution 1: Check Battery

    If you are facing the problem of a laptop is plugged in Not Charging Windows 10, then check the battery of your laptop along with the charger. If you do not have any idea, then go to the authorized person.

    Solution 2: Check USB-C Port Is Working Or Not

    If you are using USB-C port, then check you are using correct port. If you not aware of USB-C port, then it is a popular cross-platform standard which used for multi-use like charging, peripherals and data transfers. According to the latest model, it allows for slimmer devices, but it could also confuse. Some of the companies have chosen to make USB-C ports data only, and as a result, it will not authorize you to charge your windows laptop.

    Solution 3: Check The Ends Of Any Broken Connections

    One of the reasons for a laptop not charging even it plugged in are breaks, burnout, and shorts at the end of a connection. Look for any discoloration, warped or extended part, and if you find smells like plastic burning, then the problem lies in that part.

    Solution 4: Update All Drivers

    Due to corrupt or faulty drivers, the problem of a laptop plugged in, not charging in Windows 10 cause. First update your drivers manually or automatically.

    To update drivers in Windows Laptops follow the steps given below:

    Step 1: Type device manager in the search bar and click on it to open.

    Step 2: Located the option of Batteries and you will find three option under it, one is for battery, another is for a charger, and the last one is Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method battery.

    Step 3: Now select each and go to Properties>>driver>>Update Driver one by one.

    Step 4: After that restart your pc and plug in again.

    Solution 5: Change The Battery And The Cord

    You can change the battery and the cord, it will not cost so much if you buy it from a third-party manufacturer. But we recommend using the original products only as third-party parts do not carry the same quality as the original.

    Here is a video tutorial for easy understanding.

    It is all about the article on how to fix plugged in, not charging problem on Windows 10. If you have any doubts related to this topic, then you can ask our experts using the comment section given below. Thank you for reading!

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