Methods to Fix Video Upside Down Problem on ASUS Laptop


In this post, we will discuss the upside down video problem on ASUS laptop. The error happens when the video is taken from the ASUS notebook camera. This is an annoying issue that you will have on your ASUS laptop. The common cause is the wrong camera driver installation. To fix video upside down issue on ASUS laptop, you can follow the methods below.

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Methods to Fix Video Upside Down Problem on ASUS Laptop

Before downloading and installing new driver, uninstall the wrong driver first.
You can refer to steps below to uninstall the driver.


1. Go to Device Manager.
2. Expand category “Imaging devices”. Right-click on the camera device and select Uninstall on the context menu.

After uninstalling the driver, install the driver that you downloaded from ASUS website.

If you are not sure how to download the right camera driver from ASUS website, refer to steps below.

1. Go to ASUS official website.
2. Point your cursor over “Support” on top of the menu and click Support.

3. Type your laptop model name in the search box and click the search button. Let’s take K42DY for example.

4. Click Driver&Tools.

5. Select the OS. (example: Windows 7 64bit)

6. Select Camera from the driver list.

You may see several options for you to download. For K42DY, there are 2 options. Download the right driver should resolve the problem. To identify the right driver, use the PID number.

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Follow steps below to get the PID number of the camera.

1. Go to Device Manager and right-click on the camera device again.
2. Select Properties on the context menu.

3. Click Details tab and select Hardware Ids from the drop-down menu of Property.

4. Find the PID number in value as follows.

According to the PID number, you can identify the right driver from the options.

Download wrong driver can cause device not to work properly. And as you can see, it is not easy to download the right driver even you get to the right download place. Instead of download driver manually, you can use Driver Easy to help you.

Driver Easy can scan your computer and detect all problem drivers in your computer, then give you a list of new drivers. So it can detect the wrong camera driver and find new driver for you. To download the new driver, you just need to click your mouse 2 times. No time wasted. To solve the video problem quickly,  use Driver Easy.


The camera on your ASUS laptop should working fine by now. It could take video with a good result and you can do video call with your parents or friends without any problem.

Should you have any questions related to the camera or the video, feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading.