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If you have joined the Windows 10 Insider Preview Program and have set InsiderLevel to Fast Ring, because you want to download every new update or build that Microsoft isreleasing and very much curious to know that what is new?But you might find yourself in a situation when Windows 10 Update Stuck on 0% or anyother figure.


No matter how many times you restart your PC or even you leave it for hours,it no longer downloads the updates.

So keep watching this video to know that how to overcomefrom this problem.

To resolve this problem, first you need to openthe Elevated Command Prompt, and that you can do by right-clicking on the Start button,and then click Command Prompt (Admin).

Press Yes when asked by User Account Control.

Here,first you need to run two commands to stop the Windows Update Service and the first oneis: NET STOP WUAUSERV and hit the enter keyThen type the second command NET STOP BITS and hit the enter key again.

Both commands will be stop the Windows Update Service.

Now open the File Explorer and navigateto WindowsSoftwareDistribution Folder and delete all the files and folders inside.

Ifyou are unable to delete some files or folders then you may require to restart your system,then run both said commands again and then try delete the contents of this folder.

Once you deleted all the contents, you can either restart your system so the WindowsUpdate Service will run automatically again or you can type the following commands toimmediately start the Windows Update Service.

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NET START WUAUSERVAnd then NET START BITSTo see the effect, click the Start button and then click Settings.

Click Update andSecurity, and you will be able to download and install the new updates successfully.

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