How to Get Rid Of Adware On Google Chrome (really easy)


What’s going on guys, welcome back to anotherbrand new episode.

And today we gonna be show you, how to remove adware from windows 10.


This method is also applicable to any other windows operating systems, Such as WindowsXP, 7,8 or 8.

1, So if you are using those older versions of Windows Operating System, this video will still help you out.

So let’s get start.

First of all, I’m going to explainyou, what is an adware is all about, and then gonna show you how it gonna effect your computer and stuffs like that.

Mean while you can skip to the instruction part, of the video by clicking on this, skip to action button.

But we suggest you to watch the entire video, for a perfect understanding, because it’s includes, stuffs like precautions to avoid being infected by adware and so on,so on.

Adware is a Software that automatically displays or downloads advertising materialsuch as banners or pop-ups, when a user is online.

For example let me go to my web browser, and show you a demo because my now PC is infected with a monster adware.

So let's launch the browser and go to a random website.

Firstof all let’s open amazon.


and i will show you this PC is infected! And Yes, it does, here is the proof.

The adware in the form of banner ads, around the site Have you ever seen a banner likethis on amazon.

Com? I’m sure you will not.

Because Amazon doesn’t use these kind ofads on their site.

As well as, they will not advertise other website on their site.

And it is enough to prove that, this computer is infected by an adware.

Like i said a monster adware! because it's cause me lot of damage and headache.

Let me tell you why.

Some time it's act very disturbing.

It shows up some weird ads even on my desktop it self, And I can't those ads.

If i try to close those ads, it will continuously pop up new popups as well as sometime i did experienced! That there are some program installing on my systemeven without my permission.

like a magic! So if you are experienced the similar problems, this videois the perfect guide for you.

So stick with it! So let me open some more sites and and show you these adware's activities.

Let’s go to ebay.

Com And yes, you can see the same ad here as well.

Now let me show it with Youtube.

Com and you can see, these freaking ads are everywhere! and please note, uninstallingand reinstalling the chrome won’t fix this problem, Because this adware is not only infectedto your Google chrome or the browser, Instead it is targeted your whole computer, and that’s includes the other browsers as well.

To prove that let me open another browser.

Let’s launch the Firefox.

And I will show you it is infected too.

And that will be the our final test toprove this is an adware infected PC.

Here you can see we just launched the Firefox.

So let’s try to open those same sites, that we're tried on the Google chrome as well.

I will do that in a quick glance! Amazon.

Com, ebay.

Com, and Youtube.

Com, and yes, we cansee the ads are showing up here as well.

So it’s conformed that an adware virus, can infect every programs on your system, Especially the browsers, where place we go online.

SoIf you are situation matching to this, we have the remedy for you.

So let’s me showthat to you in a moment and hope your PC will get fixed.

So let’s get start.

Open up yourbrowse and go to this link.

It is a direct link, I mean it's download the adware removal tool, automatically to your system.

You can find the link to this page on the video description as well, so go there and download the tool.

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It is called “AdwCleaner” which is a tool to help you,eliminate this kind of adware viruses, and this tool is 100% tested and trust worthy as well, more over it is from the same family of Malwarebytes.

So once the download finished, you can goto the file location.

Now right click on the ‘Adw cleaner’ exe.

And choose run as administratorfrom here.

Now the tool will launch instantly.

Because it is a portable version, so you don’tneed to install it on your PC, inorder to use it.

Now go to the tool and click on scan.

Now it will scan your entir PC forthe adware threats.

So you need to wait until it's finish, with patience and it's totally worth the waiting.

Now you can see it's just finished the scaning and here is theresult, It’s found 91 threats on my PC, It’s a damn, high numbers of malware livingaround my PC.

I remember, the time that I got infected with these creeps.

Earlier thisday I was searching online for something.

And it’s end up with accidentally downloadingsome creepy freeware on to my system.

And once I installed it, everything went upsidedown, it’s literally made me to hate my own PC.

But fortunately, I have faced many problemslike this before, on many computers like, my friends and relatives computers.

and other customer's And Irealized that, I was the one who fixed their computers.

So why not fix my own.

And withthat, I decided to film the whole process.

So that I can show you, how I done it.

Or let’ssay it may helpful to thousands of other people.

who are suffering from the same problem.

Sothat’s why I made this video.

Once it found the threats or finished scanning, the next step will be clearing them up.

Andfor that you can simply click on this ‘clean’ button.

And it will do the job.

But make sureyou have saved your work, especially if you are doing something serious on the background.

Because it will close every program from the background for temporarily, while the cleaningprocess.

And it will help the tool to remove the adware from these software in an advanced level! and once it finished.

The cleaning process.

it will restart the system.

And there for I can’tno longer record like this, so I’m switching to my incredibly low resolution smart phone came.

Guy I’m extremely sorry for that, hope I can get a, better came soon or shortly.

Anywaylet’s go ahead and do it, I’m hitting the Clean button And you can see it is cleaning the adware.

Now click on ok and it will reboot your system.

I will be back in a moment.

So see you there once the system restarted.

Now you can see the system is just restarted, and lets check the adware is still there or not.

Well I’m pretty confident about that.

But I have to show you the proof anyway.

So let’s go to Googlechrome once again and start browsing with those same websites.

Now we are on amazon.

Com,and you can see there are no adware banners are showing up like before.

Now Let’s goto ebay.

You can see the same here.

Now let’s go to Youtube.


And there is not even asingle sign of adware on this browser.

Now let me check with the other browser, for the sake of the video.

So Let’sopen Firefox, and surf the web.

You can see everything is clean and clear like a new PC.

So let say we just killed the nightmare and it's all gone for ever! So that’s how you can remove anyadware from a Windows 10 PC.

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This is your host Amal rafi, from Geeks tutorial.

We will seeyou girls and guys on the next video.

Until then, peace out!.

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