MX Player For PC – How To Download MX Player For Windows 10 PC & Laptop?


Searching for a guide to download MX Player for PC? Here we are going to share working guide in our today’s article.

When it comes to Android, MX Player is the best among all the media apps. Millions of people all around the globe who have an Android device used it and daily new user joined in the list. People set MX player as a default Android Media Player instead of an inbuilt player because it has some fantastic features and it is better to use. If you are an Android user, then you may also be one of those millions of people, but when it comes to windows pc, then you may find that it is not available for pc. So the question arises that how to download MX Player for PC and laptop Windows 10?

Do not worry as you are with us and we have few solutions to solve your problem .yes; you can download MX player for windows. To know how to download, you have to read it carefully. We have provided each method with step by step guide.


With the excellent features and support of millions of user, MX Player is the first choice of people. To play video, movies, and audio you may use some of the windows app like VLC Media Player or KM Player on your pc. But how do you react when I say you can use MX Player on your pc, too. You loved it! So without wasting your time move to the main topic. Select the method you find more suitable for and follow each step carefully.

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How To Download MX Player For PC Laptop Windows 10?

Table of Contents

    1 How To Download MX Player For PC Laptop Windows 10?2 Method 1: MX Player Download Using Android Emulator Bluestacks3 Method 2: MX Player Download Using ARC Welder4 MX Player Alternative for Windows5 VLC6 KMPlayer7 BSPlayer

    As the title describes, you want to download MX player for your pc. But the truth is there is no such app available for pc like MX Player computer version or PC. The developer of MX Player still not make it for windows but we hope they will create it soon. But till then what to do? So there are some tricks and tips to use it on pc that help you to download and install MX video player for Windows PC.

    The method is simple and easy, yet you have to follow it carefully. It is using an android emulator to install mx player on your Windows 10, 8.1 or 7. Follow the steps given below, and then you can download and install MX Player on your PC and enjoy movies, videos, and audios with your favorite app.

    Method 1: MX Player Download Using Android Emulator Bluestacks

    Android emulator is one of the best ways to use MX player on your Windows PC. You can use Android emulator for PC which we mentioned below.

    Step 1: First, You need to download Bluestacks installer file.

    Step 2:

    Make sure that you have an active internet connection with speed as the file is big regarding size approx. 300 MB. If the connection is slow then it takes more time to download.
    After the completion of downloading of a file, open it to install. You can directly open it from the browser or go to the location where all your downloaded files stored.

    Step 3: Follow the on-screen instruction to install the file. It will complete in a few minutes without any trouble.

    Step 4: Now, download the APK file of MX player from this link

    We will use the APK file to run MX Player for PC. You can download this APK file from pc or your smartphone. If you download it from your phone, then transfer it to pc using USB cable or Xender.

    Step 5: Once you download APK file, right click on it and select Open with>>Bluestacks. And all done!

    You can see thMXmx player app icon on the home screen of Bluestacks.

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    Method 2: MX Player Download Using ARC Welder

    If your pc don’t have robust graphics or high-speed internet, then you can use this method. In this method, we are adding the extension on your chrome browser. To do it, follow the steps given below

    Step 1: Open Chrome browser and click on the link given below:

    Step 2: Now click on add extension tab. It will check the system and install it. You have to wait for few seconds until it installs.

    Step 3: Now download the APK file of MX Player from the above link.

    Step 4: Now, in the chrome address bar paste the following address: chrome://apps. You will see ARC Welder there. Click on it to open.

    Step 5: Select a directory to save the APK files. You have to select the folder where the APK file situated. You can go with an existing or new one. Browse the APK file and click on Add your APK and select the file.

    Step 6: Now you are configuring with window. Leave it as it is and go with Launch App.

    We discussed How to download MX player for PC but sometime user doesn’t want use only one movie streaming app so for them we have listed some the MX player alternative app which you can use.

    MX Player Alternative for Windows


    VLC media player is one of the best MX player alternatives which most of the user are using on their PC. VLC media player able to play any video format and it’s also able to run H.265 encoded videos with ease. The gesture-based controls features can reminiscent of MX Player’s user interaction model.


    KMPlayer is another good video player app which able to run almost every video file including H.265 encoded MKV files. KMPlayer supports Hardware Acceleration which is good features of MX player. With some interesting features, KMPlayer becomes the best alternative to MX Player.


    BSPlayer is another good alternative to MX Player which you can use on your Windows PC. BSPlayer provides the same functionality as MX Player. This video player has good feature like gestures to control playback. BSPlayer also supports hardware acceleration and its free to use,


    It is all about the guide to download MX player for windows. We hope you like it. If it is so, then share it. Thank you!

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