Periscope for PC – Download Periscope for Window PC and Laptop (2018)


Are you searching for Periscope for pc? If yes then you are at right place because in this article we will discuss the same topic that is Periscope for windows. So read this article carefully and collect all information about it like what is the app used for? How to download and install it and what is the feature of it?

Today, there is some smartphone users increases, and hence most of the apps are made for the mobile users. Periscope is one of that app that developed for mobile users, but with some tricks, you can use periscope on pc, too. But before we go to the main topic, look at the basic details of periscope app.

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About Periscope for PC:

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    Periscope app is developed by Twitter Inc, which is a social networking app that used for Live Video Streaming. Using this app, you can broadcast videos on the smartphone for free. Even it has a feature of live streaming that makes it more famous.

    The app for initially developed and launched for iOS, and after that, it was introduced to the app store for Android devices. So you can download this app for your device from Play store or iTunes respective to your OS. Due to its live streaming and broadcast video feature, people search it for pc. But as I said already, it is not available for pc. Do not worry; you can use periscope on a computer without any problem.

    On a special occasion like weddings, birthday parties, music concerts, etc. people most of time use this app to go live. If you are a user of this app then you know when you start the live video, all your followers get a notification like Instagram and Facebook, which create alert that you are live to all your followers.

    The live video including another feature named as a replay- a feature comes as a bonus that allows you to watch the video once it completed so you will not miss any videos and you can watch it later. The replay feature is not enabled automatically; you have to enable it for your Periscope Followers. When we compare periscope with Instagram, then the main difference is that you can save the video in periscope wherein the Instagram once the live video completes you can’t save it.

    With the recent update of twitter, they come up with a new feature named as live streaming. Which can do with a periscope? Those who have twitter account can use live streaming feature using the periscope icon shown in the app. Note that to use this feature you have to use Android or iOS app on your smartphone. So you can interact with Twitter followers using periscope, which is another excellent feature of it.

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    Download Periscope For Windows PC

    As I said periscope app developed for iOS and Android platform, but people want to use it on their windows pc, so I find the way to download it for pc. In this method, we will use an android emulator to run this app on your pc. You can use any android emulator like Bluestacks, Youwave, Nox, etc. but this app will work smoothly on Bluestacks, so we recommend you to use it instead of any other emulator.

    How To Download Periscope App For PC

    Step 1:

    First download Bluestacks android emulator on your pc from the link given below:
    It is freely available for windows user.

    Step 2: Now find the downloaded file of bluestacks and install it. To install it follow the on-screen instruction.

    Step 3:

    Once the installation completes, go to the play store. Search for periscope app like we use to do in our smartphone and install it.
    Note that while you search for this app, it will show you two apps with the same name, you have to pick the app developed by Twitter.

    Step 4: Now follow the path given below:

    Go to all apps menu>>open the app and on windows desktop start using with Periscope. The same method will work for mac, too.

    Step 5: Now watch periscope on pc using a keyboard, touchscreen or mouse. After it, you can watch the videos of your friends, celebrities and family members.

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    How To Install Periscope On PC With NOX?

    If you can’t be able to use bluestacks on your pc, then you can use this app on your pc using NOX android emulator. To install it with NOX, follow the steps given below:

    Step 1: First download NOX from this link

    Step 2: Now open the app, run it on your pc and connect to your google account by login with the google account.

    Step 3: Now open app store and search for periscope app.

    Step 4: Open the periscope app by twitter from App Drawer.

    Step 5: All done! Now you can enjoy the periscope app on your pc.

    Periscope App APK Download

    If any of above two methods won’t work that is you cannot connect with google account and not able to download the app in the android emulator, then you can download apk file using this method. Once you download the apk file, double-click on the downloaded file to install it on android emulator. Note that to do it first install the android emulator bluestacks.

    Step 1: Download the Periscope App Apk from this link.

    Step 2: Find and double-click on it to install it on an emulator.

    Step 3: Once you install it, this app is ready for you. Now enjoy the app on your Windows computer.


    Periscope for PC – Download Periscope for Window PC and Laptop (2018). As Periscope is globally accepted app and also found on twitter app, you cannot worry about stealing your data. Even you have a twitter account then you can use this app directly and connect with all your followers and won’t miss any important video of a birthday party, family gets to gathers or any event.

    We hope this article is useful to you. After reading this article, we hope you don’t have any queries or question but in case if any then you can ask us without any hesitation. We love to solve it and connect with you. You can ask your questions using the comet section below. Thank you!

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