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Razer products are popular and reliable among PC users, especially gamers. Everyone know how versatile the manufacture in term of concerning to the features. Many love the products after they tried the Razer keyboard and Razer mouse. But, unfortunately, some people experienced a problem when they were using Razer Synapse on Windows 10. Hence, we will discuss how to fix Razer Synapse is not working on Windows 10.

This compatibility issue is not a serious problem that you should worry. There are several solutions you can try in order to get the not working issue on Razer Synapse fixed. Try the easiest method in the first place.



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What Is Razer Synapse?

Razer Synapse by Razer Inc. is a software, which helps you to control or assign macros to any other Razer devices. It has a feature that saves all your configurations in cloud-based storage. What it does is it makes easy for you to switch between configurations. Not only this but it has an additional feature like heat maps, stats, hardware configurator, etc.

If your razer synapse won’t open, then the major cause of this error is missing, corrupted or old drivers. So in this article, we are discussing the different methods to solve razer synapse unable to update problem for windows 10.

How To Fix Razer Synapse Not Opening?

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The problem of Razer Synapse won’t open windows 10 is not a big problem, many people reported it after its update. The problem refused to pop up even when Razer devices were plugged into the system. But don’t worry, as the problem is common, there are various methods to fix it. So follow the step by step guide to solve the problem.

Solution 1- Razer Devices- Uninstall and Reinstall

The first Solution for troubleshooting the problem for razer synapse won’t open that uninstall and reinstall all razor devices on your system. To uninstall and reinstall follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First Razer Synapse Drivers 2.0 download from its official website.

Note: while installing drivers make sure you are login to the administrator account.

Step 2: Open Run window and type devmgmt.msc in a search bar and then press enter.

Step 3: It will open a new window. Find Human Interface devices option and click on it to expand.

Step 4: From the list select Keyboards, Mice and other pointing and one by one expand it.

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Step 5: Now right click on individual device and select uninstall.
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Step 6: Next, from the search bar, go to Programs and select Apps and Features option.
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Step 7: Now, find and choose Razer Synapse and click on the Uninstall option.
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Step 8: Now it’s time to unplug all your Razer devices from the system. Disconnect all device for approx. Three to five minutes and then plug them back.

Step 9: On plugged in, windows will install the drivers of your Razer devices. For those open download drivers and install it. Razer Synapse will start working again.

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Solution 2: Disabling Razer Surround

To disable razer surround follow the steps given below:
Step 1: Select uninstall Synapse and from that find and delete old files.

Step 2: Next, go to Download Razer Synapse software>> Install the software>>Connect Synapse to the internet.

Step 3: When set-up is done, you will find two notification pop-up on your window of Razer Surround and Synapse Update.

Step 4: First, click on Razer Surround and select cancel. Now if you see update the Synapse software option then click on it and Restart your PC.

Solution 3: Remove/Disable Antivirus

Sometimes the razer synapse unable to update problem can cause due to antivirus software. So disable your antivirus software and windows firewall. After that restart your pc. And check the problem is solved or not.

If not then enable it and if yes then switch to another antivirus software.

Solution 4: Download Latest Microsoft .NET Framework

Another way to razer synapse not opening problem is to remove the Microsoft .NET framework and install the latest version. Reboot your pc and check for a problem solved or not.

Solution 5 – Install and Update the Drivers manually or with Driver Easy

You can update your drivers manually or automatically. But manual updating process is time taking. So update it automatically.

Step 1: First, download driver Easy from the official website.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and install it.

Step 3: Now open it to run the software and click on Scan Now option.

Step 4: Driver Easy will scan your entire system and find all outdated or faulty drivers. Click on the update option to download and install correct drivers.
Video Tutorial Windows 10  Step 5: Restart your pc.

Solution 6: Clean Boot

Some user reported that clean boot worked for them to solve razer synapse won’t open windows 10 problem. Try to do it, if you are lucky, then this worked for you, too.

Solution 7: Check Compatibility

This solution is especially for Windows 8 and 7 users.

For Windows 8: Go to synapse properties >> Compatibility > run a program with windows 8.

For Windows 7 the path is same like Windows 8, open the properties with admin, and note that no antivirus is running on your system.


These were the solutions for Razer Synapse Not Working error. If the error persists after trying the solutions above, feel free to drop a question on the comment box below.

You can also share in here if you have other solutions that we haven’t mentioned in this post. Thank you for reading, Folks!

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