Remove Tencent/QQ PC Manager on Windows 10



If you want to remove this Chinese program which is Tencent (or QQ PC Manager) on your PC but you don’t know how to uninstall it because all menus are in Chinese language.


You can follow steps in this video.

I will show how to remove Tencent on Windows 10.

First, you have to exit Tencent program by click show hidden icons at bottom right of the screen.

Next, right-click this icon which is the Tencent icon.

And select this button.

Make sure to select this option and click this button to confirm exit the program.

After that, open File Explorer and navigate to this folder select a version folder.

Then, scroll down to the bottom and run a file 'Uninst.


On UAC window, click ‘Yes’.

On this window, click this button to continue uninstalling.

Next, check these 3 options and click this button.

Click this button to confirm.

The program is now uninstalling.

When finishes, click this button to exit.

If there is other Tencent program as in this example, go back to Tencent folder.

You see there is another ‘TimeHelper’ program.

To uninstall it, open the folder and run 'Uninst.


Click ‘Yes’.

Click ‘Yes’.

Click 'OK'.

Now, reboot your system.

After that, you can delete the Tencent folder and you should scan your system for malware with AdwCleaner.

Open web browser to this URL.

Click ‘Download Now’.

When finishes, run the file.

On UAC window, click ‘Yes’.

Click ‘I agree’ and click ‘Scan’ to begin the process.

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Then, you can browse on each tab at the bottom to see what will be removed.

Click ‘Clean’ to delete these files.

Click ‘OK’ to confirm.

When finishes, click ‘OK’.

And click ‘OK’ again to restart your system.

Finally, your system should be clean from Tencent.

And you will see the log file of what AdwCleaner removes after restarted.

So that’s it for this video.

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