Use Alarms in Windows 10. Quite Easy!


Windows 10 brought us a new design and some new features. Alarms and Clock is one of the new applications in Windows 10. You can use it to set alarms, create world clock and timer. If you are not sure how to use it, just follow the simple instructions here. 

To open Alarms and Clock, type “alarm” in the search box at the bottom left corner of desktop, then click on Alarms and Clock in the pop-up menu. Like following screenshot shows.

In Alarms and Clock window, you will see four tabs. They are Alarm, World Clock, Timer and Stopwatch. Read on to learn more about them and learn how to use them.

Set Alarms in Windows 10

Create a World Clock in Windows 10

Create a Timer using Alarms and Clock

Use Stopwatch in Alarms and Clock

Set Alarms in Windows 10

Tab Alarm allows you to set alarms that you want. You can use it to wake you up in the morning. Following steps are for your reference how to set alarms in Windows 10.

To create a alarm, in Alarm tab, click “+” at the bottom right corner. 

In NEW ALARM section, choose the specific time. And you can set the Alarm name, Repeats, Sound and Snooze time according to your need. Click the Save button at the bottom right corner, then the settings will be saved.

If you receive message saying “ You need to change your Notification Settings to ensure that your alarms occur as expected”, the Notifications feature is Off. You need to turn it on. Enter Notification settings  and change the settings.

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To delete an alarm that you don’t need any more, just right-click on the specific alarm and click Delete.

Create a World Clock in Windows 10

You can create a clock for another country or city. This is convenient especially if you deal with business in another country.

To create a World Clock, in World Clock tab, click “+” at the bottom right corner then enter a country or city in top box. The app will bring a list of specific locations for you to choose from. After you choose a location, the new clock will show on the map.

Right-click on the clock, you can choose to delete it or pin it to Start menu. When you pin the new time zones to the Start menu, you can view the time from different countries very easily.

Create a Timer using Alarms and Clock

To create a timer, go to Timer tab and click the Play icon.

In EDIT TIMER section, choose the time according to your need. You can also edit the Timer name. After that, click Save button.

Use Stopwatch in Alarms and Clock

In Stopwatch tab, click Play icon then the time will calculate until you click the Play icon to make it stop.

You can share the time with your friends on social networks when the Stopwatch is paused. Just click the Share icon at the bottom and follow the on-screen instructions.

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