Learn How to Customize Windows 10 Screensaver


Getting to know the Windows 10 screensaver settings

Microsoft brings so many upgrades on Windows 10, including the screen saver settings. All these updates on screen saver settings on Windows 10 have made it become simpler. We are here to introduce you the updates brings on the screen saver settings.

Nowadays, screen saver may sound funny and only a few people that use it. But, actually it is still fun to have screen saver on the computer. You can put your last holiday photos, family or even your goals in the future in visual. It’s like a customizable slideshow for you. Now, let’s check it out.



Video Tutorial Windows 10

Windows 10 Screensaver

Windows 10 screen saver settings are quite concealed but not so much. Here is how you can change screen saver on Windows 10:

Finding Windows 10 screen saver settings:

The easiest and fastest way to find screen saver settings in Windows is typing “Screen Saver” in the taskbar.

You find now see a list of search results, “select Change screen saver” and you will find the Screen Saver setting right away. Adjust it according to your wish and enjoy!

You can also right-click on the desktop and select personalize. Now on the left of the pop-up menu select “Lock Screen”.

Scroll down the Lock Screen setting to find Screen Saver Settings.

How to change screen saver in Windows 10:

There are six types of screensavers that you can choose from including 3D text, blank, bubbles, mystify and ribbons. You can customize screen saver according to your wish. You can select them from the drop-down menu under Screen saver.

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You can customize these screen savers editing text to be displayed or adding your favorite picture to the screen saver.

You may as well preview them to see how they will look by clicking on “Preview”.

Click on save, once you are done, and then exit.

Some more features you may want to try!

For more, you can download Windows 10 screen saver photos from anywhere and make you PC look even more amazing! You can also choose your favorite pictures and apply it as a screensaver with custom screen saver settings such as adjusting the speed of photos, the duration it will stay on and more.

You can also adjust the power consumption by screen saver according to your needs.

Screen savers are not a necessity by a great way to make your personal computer look amazing. You can do a lot with screen savers making them interesting, funny or scary. Although, with Windows 10 screen saver settings, there are limited options to choose from we can have a lot of fun with them too.

So, this was all about Windows 10 screensaver settings. We hope this Windows 10 helps article helps you. Let us know in the comment section below what screensaver are you using and which one is the best. Drop a comment if you have any questions. Stay connected for more.



That’s it! Now, you can set the screen saver of yours after knowing the settings about the screen saver on Windows 10. Put on the photos or images that you like the most.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop in the comments section. Thank you for reading, Folks!

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