Windows Update Not Working on Windows 10- How To Fix ?


Does your Windows Update not working after updating Windows 10? Don’t worry we are going to give perfect solution in this article.

Windows 10 is supposed to be the latest version of windows and hence constantly receiving big and small updates, some big and some small still some time problems can happen like update refusing to install, the download getting stuck, or the system is caught up in a restart loop. And between this, the most common problem is windows update.

When you try to update your system, it may show a message “windows update not working” and in this case what to do? So we are here to solve your problem of windows 10 update not working with providing few tips. So be ready and read this article carefully.


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windows 10 taskbar not responding

Windows Update Not Working – Whats the actual problem?

Table of Contents

    1 Windows Update Not Working – Whats the actual problem?2 1. Windows Update Troubleshoot3 2. Clear Updates Download Folder4 3. Disable Your Anti-Virus5 4. Disconnect Drives, Disable VPNs & More6 5. Use the media creation tool7 Windows Update Not Working Windows 78 6. Update Drivers9 7. Update Patches10 8. Change the DNS server settings

    Before trying any troubleshooting steps, first, make sure that there is certainly a problem with Windows Update. If your update gets stuck in a reboot loop or refuses to download, in such cases, there is a problem. In such cases, the different methods given below.

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    1. Windows Update Troubleshoot

    This step is easy and may follow first if you find windows update doesn’t work problem because windows have a built-in troubleshooter programme that detects a problem automatically and resolves the problem related to Windows Update. Note that it always not fix this error but most of the time problem resolve with this little step.

    Step 1: To access windows update troubleshooter, you can download the file from the link ( ) given here or do a system search for troubleshooting from Microsoft and select the relevant result.

    Step 2: For that open Control Panel form window will and look for System and Security, underneath it select fix problems with Windows Update. It will open a new window.

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    Step 3: Now click on the advanced link and click on Run as administrator. Once you follow this steps, click on the next tab and it will start detecting problems and automatically repairs, too.

    Step 4: Once it is done, check whether it was able to resolve the update problem or not. After that click on the close to end the troubleshooter.

    Step 5: Now try for windows update and check the problem is solved or not. If not then follow another method.

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    2. Clear Updates Download Folder

    Even after troubleshooting, if it shows windows update not working windows 10 then there may be chances that it might be something wrong with the file itself. And hence clearing the folder of all of the updated files are stored will help to solve the problem.

    Step 1: First, open run window by pressing Windows key + R.

    Step 2: In run window, input C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload and click on the OK tab to launch to the download folder.

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    Step 3: Now select each file within the folder by pressing ctrl+A key and press delete key or select the delete option form navigation. Once you click, then all files are removed.

    Note: delete each file in the download folder but do not delete the folder itself.

    Step 4: After the above step, if you find some files are not deleted or refuse to remove then try the above step again in safe mode. If you don’t have an idea about safe mode, first search for it and then follow this step.

    Step 5: Once each file in download folder has deleted, restart your PC or laptop and run windows update. If it again shows windows update is not working then restart your pc once more and try again.

    3. Disable Your Anti-Virus

    Commonly, anti-virus software does not play any role in the update process, but many people reported that some time temporarily disabling it can solve problems. There are many anti-virus software available on the market, and hence each has different methods of disabling. So find it and turn it off. If you are not able to find, then search in the options or settings. Otherwise, right-click on the anti-virus icon, and you may find the option to disable it there.

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    4. Disconnect Drives, Disable VPNs & More

    There may chance due to drives or VPN your windows update might be not working. Try disconnecting your media drives, like the SD card reader or DVD drive. You can do this by a searching system for device manager, choosing the relevant result, then right-clicking the particular drives and clicking on disable.

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    If you’re getting a specific error, like 0x800F0922 or 0x80200056 then respectively you need to disable any VPN service, or it might be that your Internet connection got interrupted that you’ve got running. Try this method and again try to fix windows 10 update. If it also not works then go to the next method.

    5. Use the media creation tool

    If Windows update still not working after all the above method, you can bypass its use entirely by using the Media Creation Tool. It generates an installation file of Windows 10, and then it uses them in the first place while you upgrade your operating system. In short, it forces an upgrade through a different method. This method is safe but before proceeding takes a backup or taken a backup or created a system image without fail. So the method is as follows:

    Step 1: First, go to Microsoft’s Get Windows 10 page from the link given below:

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    Step 2: Now scroll down and click on the Download tool now tab. Download the file and save it to your system.

    Step 3: Open it and accept the license terms. After that select the option of Upgrade this PC now and click on Next. Press continue to progress through the prompts until you get to the Ready to install page. By default, your files and apps should keep, but click on the Change if you want to be sure for what it holds.

    Step 4: When your pc is ready, click on the Install tab. Your system will then restart, and you will find that your pc is running with the latest version of Windows, complete with all your data and the most recent features of the operating system.

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    Windows Update Not Working Windows 7

    Many of the Windows 7 users may not find any of the above solution suitable for their operating system and therefore here are the few methods for them too.

    6. Update Drivers

    First, you have to do is check all your devices have the right updated drivers. If it is not updated, then update it with this driver updater software. If you are not comfortable to update drivers manually, then you can update them automatically using Driver Easy.

    You can update your drivers automatically with Driver easy either the FREE or the Pro version. But with the Pro version, it takes just two clicks for an update, and you get full support, and 30-day money back guarantees if you do not find it useful. To update driver follow the steps given below:

    Step 1: Download and install Driver Easy.

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    Step 2: Now open Driver Easy and run it by click on the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will automatically scan your computer and detect if there is any problem in the drivers.

    Step 3: Next, click on the Update button near to any selected device to automatically download and install the correct version of its driver. The free version will allow you to do this process. You can also click on Update All to download automatically and install the latest version of all the drivers that are not present or out of date on your system. But only pro version will allow you to follow this process of update all.

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    7. Update Patches

    There may be chances that your pc miss some Microsoft patches, and hence Windows Update won’t work correctly as it should. To fix Windows 7 windows update not working, you can download the patches and install them. Here is how:

    Step 1: Press windows key and click on the control panel.

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    Step 2: Set view by a large icon and click on windows update.

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    Step 3: Now click on “change settings.”

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    Step 4: On clicking it, you will find Important updates section, select Never check for updates (recommended). Then click OK to save and continue. And restart your PC.

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    Step 5: Now go to the Microsoft support website form the following link and download following updates:


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    Choose accordingly the version you need, 64-bit or 32-bit. Place them on your PC desktop.

    Step 6: Restart your computer again.

    Step 7: Now press windows key and R together to open RUN and type services.msc and press Enter.

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    Step 8: Find the windows update from a list and right click on it and select disable or stop.

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    Step 9: Now go to the C:Windows, and right-click on the Software Distribution folder and click on the Delete option.

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    Step 10: After deleting it, go to your PC desktop, and double-click the KB 3102810, KB3083710, KB3020369, KB3050265 and KB3172605 setup files to install and restart your PC.

    Step 11: Follow the path: Start button > Control Panel > Windows Update and click on check updates.

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    Step 12: Wait for few seconds for Windows to search for the updates for you. Note that you can also turn on the Windows Update that we disable if you like.

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    8. Change the DNS server settings

    With faulty DNS server setting, Windows Update not working problem can also be caused. To fix it, you can modify the DNS settings:

    Step 1: On keyboard press windows key and click on control panel. View as a large icon.

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    Step 2: Now open it and click on Windows Update. Form it click on Change adapter settings.

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    Step 3: Right-click the connection for which you want to configure Google Public DNS and click on the Properties.

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    Step 4: Form properties, select Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) or Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or and then click Properties.

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    Step 5: Click on the advanced button.

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    Step 6:

    => Go to DNS tab. If you can see DNS server IP addresses listed, save it somewhere for future reference. Then Remove them from this window. And click on add button and type the following IP address of the Google DNS servers:

    => For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8844 or 2001:4860:4860::8888

    => For IPv4: or

    Video tutorial windows 10

    Video tutorial windows 10

    Step 7: Click Add and then ok to save the changes. Now recheck your Windows Update, see if the problem is solved.

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    It is all about different methods for troubleshooting of windows update not working problem and windows 10 not updating. We hope this tricks may be helpful to you. If you find any problem to follow any of method, you can contact us. For that leave your comment in the comment box. We will surely reply as soon as possible. Thank you for reading and support us!

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